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Our Works


We have developed a web based application which takes care of end to end food ordering flow. This application is best suited for those restaurants which are having their own delivery boys. This application is highly configurable and can be used by any restaurant by implementing few restaurant specific configurations.

1. Fully functional Admin portal with CURD access to menu, discounts, delivery boys.


2. Intuitive reports generation for analysis which is crucial for business strategies.


3. Highly interactive portal for user to

register, menu navigation, place order and simplified payment methods.


4. Dedicated delivery boy portal to track the live delivery status.


We have developed 70% market ready job portal framework having almost all of the typical features of a generic job portal. The idea behind building this framework is to combine client specific requirements along with the must have features which is already available out of box with minimal time and development cost.

1. Separate portals for different entities like Job Seeker, Freelancer, Consultancies, Company and Colleges.


2. Clear and well defined relations between all the roles interacting with the portal.


3. Intuitive UI for admin to Approve/ Reject / Verify details for all the entities registered with the portal.


4. Configurable membership plans to generate revenues for portal owners


Provided BI solution to one of the famous Pharma Company in Bangladesh. This solution is embedded with various analytical reports which are generated based on the primary parameters like Sales, Inventories, Production and Finance. These reports are being used extensively to monitor business performance and SWOT analysis.

1. Dynamic report in the dashboard to depict all over trend of Sales Vs Budget Vs Production Vs Inventory.


2. Dedicated dashboards and graphs for Sales and Debt analysis with respect to different entities like Total, Channel Wise, LOB wise etc..


3. detailed reports for Production like Production Yields, Production performance and the Batch Reports(Open Batch Report etc).


4. Detailed analytical reports and graphs for different Inventory like Item ,Type Wise Inventory, Item Type and Organization Wise Inventory and Organization Wise Product Inventory etc.


5.Deep dive reporting feature to pin point the RCA of the problem due to which business is making loss or can’t to the desired profit.

Connecting Dots

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our Development Process:

  • Our agile development process supports client to provide early feedback and change their requirement as and when ​needed.

  • We always deliver most priority and must have functionality first which will help client to run their business even when development is in progress.

  • We provide frequent demo of ongoing development to ensure we are always ​aligned with customer needs which will lead to customer satisfaction and confidence.

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